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portrait of a journey

the traveller
Benno Frauchiger

the dates
24th june 2006 - 26th october 2007

the goal
visiting my hostfamily on central downs farm in carnamah (western australia) and travelling as much as possible across land and water using my own forces (without fossil fuels)

the motivation
the desire to meet people and countries on the way between basel and carnamah; as well as the believe, that today it is still possible and probably even as easy as ever to travel around the world without making oneself dependent on fossil fuels

the route
switzerland - germany - liechtenstein - italy - austria - slowenia - croatia - serbia - bulgaria - turkey - iran - pakistan - india - thailand - malaysia - indonesia - australia (map and details)

the numbers
490 days
25'336 kilometers by bicycle
8 kilometers by car
2260 nautical miles by boat

the projects

the return
from 1st february to 22nd march 2008 by sea and cycling path via fremantle, singapore and genua (map and details)

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